Words Matter



I've been a Recruiter, Digital Advisor, Independent Consultant, Marketing Director, Content Strategist, and Creative Director. I've launched over 50 brands and lead teams inside an organization and at the agency level. I've been published as a Ghostwriter in Entrepreneur and I've won a few awards for my ideas.

But at the center of all these roles is my love for delivering an experience and you can't create an experience without communication. Writing, design, and speaking help or hurt customers everyday. And I'm passionate about all three components: ghostwriting, creative directing, and speech writing.



“David took the words we used to describe who we were and melded them into something efficient, powerful, and meaningful. He was receptive, understanding, and open to change. The work he, and his creative team executed was terrific and overwhelmingly well received.”
— Matthew Flick, Vice President of The Modern College of Design